Book Review: How to Lead in a World of Distraction

I was a big fan of Clay Scroggins first book “How to Lead when you are not In Charge” but rarely does a second album live up the first when the first is so good. How does Scroggins’ second book go?

Disclosure: I was sent an advanced copy of the book to review.

The book is incredibly readable. I am pretty sure that Scroggins writes like he talks, but then the first book of his was an audiobook and so I had his voice stuck in my head for the whole experience. It is also written in a highly pragmatic tone, which I was expecting but if you were looking for deep theological reflections you will be disappointed.

Scroggins is addressing Christian leaders and he is addressing the issue we all feel: being distracted from what we really should be doing. While we know that we are distracted by things like social media and, well, everything on the internet, Scroggins points us deeper to what he calls the Axis of Distraction: the appearance of success, the allure of progress and the attraction of certainty. While these are distractions I find myself distracted by other things as well: insecurity, incompetence, my mind simply not being focussed, Instagram, etc. These could be aligned on the Axis of Distraction, but the book didn’t quite hit me where I needed it to.

The solutions were 4 habits: simplifying life, changing your internal monologue, getting quiet and pressing pause. None of these is mind-blowingly new. That being said, I found the changing the internal monologue habit very helpful. However, they are the kinds of things we need to be reminded of constantly. There is a difference between knowing and doing these habits.

Is it an essential read? No. Is it helpful? Yes.

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