About Me

This blog is a collection of stuff that I am passionate about.

Some of it, a lot of it, will be connected with ministry and helping the church grow. In the past I have worked in university ministry with AFES.  And I have worked in Anglican Churches in Sydney.  At the moment I work for St Stephens Anglican Church, Normanhurst.  I have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Moore Theological College. I have also done a lot of itinerate preaching, but am finding writing is helping me be more precise in my thinking.  

I love movies and movie making.  I made a doco covering 2000 years of church history and denominations.  I love reviewing movies.

I also love writing.  This really comes from my frustration in not being able to make movies.  I write them instead!  Hence the short story page.

If you want to contact me about something, love to hear from you….