Favourites Chocolate​ Christmas Talk

NB This is a throwback post, but I was looking for it on this blog and couldn’t find it.  So it is republished here.

I am one of those people when someone asked to do a kids talk in church, smiles and nods outwardly and panics inwardly. I like doing them. People who do them seem to have so much fun. But the coming up with the idea: Google becomes my best friend!

I was asked to do a talk at a Christmas Eve service this year for “we don’t know how many kids and how old they will be”. But this year I was prepared!!  Someone had sent me the chocolate talk and I filed it away for a moment like this.

The problem with the chocolate talk is that when it comes buying the chocolates, it is not cheap. Especially for a talk when you don’t know if any of the kids will turn up.

All the Chocolate you need for the Chocolate Talk!

Fortunately, I found a box of Favourites on sale. I figured I could re-write the talk around them. And it would only cost me $6!!

The first draft was a poem. I figured it would be clever to put some of the word plays to rhyme and it would make a bit more sense.

The Chocolate Christmas Poem

A tale I have, though it’s quite true.

Of a baby, some cows and a shepherd or two

And Some angels that all up lit the night

And to help us some clues sweeter than a TURKISH DELIGHT

Joe was a man to be married quite soon

But was worried when his wife started to blow up as a balloon

An angel arrived in a DREAM and said “Joe, be cool

Your son is destined to become God’s great crown Jewel”.

Walking to Bethlehem made poor Joe’s energy reduce

“Hey Mary, I think we need a good BOOST

Let’s stop on the way, there’s a good chick

I know you are preggiers but sort out a PICNIC

Finally they got into town and had a rest somehow

With a chicken, a horse and few DIARY MILK cows

There Jesus was born, the king of us all

Humbly entered this world in door of stall

Out the fields acting quite CARAMELLO

Where a few of the sheep caring fellows

Awakened by light and angels quite stayed

They decided to go and check out this child.

So toMORO before you get stuck into Christmas lunch

And stop and think when it comes to the CRUNCH

Spend some time in  deep meditation

That we celebrate the Birth of the king of our MARVELLOUS CREATION

I ran this by my wife and she panned it. “Too many words and you lost me”.   So, back to the drawing board.

This time I would use prose. But I set myself the challenge of using all the different types of chocolate in the box. Here is what I came up with..

What I had to work with in a box of Favourites


I would like to tell you about one of my FAVOURITE stories from the Bible.  It’s all about the birth of Jesus

Joseph was told that his wife would have a baby and it would be the son of God.  He was told this by an angel in a DREAM.

When the time was RIPE for Mary to have the baby they had to head to Bethlehem to be counted.

On the journey, so they needed a BOOST.

Joseph said, “Mary, let’s stop! It’s time to rest and have a PICNIC!”

When they finally got to Bethlehem, they had to stay in a stable with some DIARY MILK cows

That very night, baby Jesus was born!

Meanwhile, the shepherds were out minding their sheep being all cara-MELLO.

It was so cold out there that the grass was really CRUNCHIE!

They were really surprised to see some angels who told them to go to Bethlehem and see their new king.

The point is that Christmas is about Jesus and seeing who he is. 

So, don’t FLAKE out and forget.

This CHRISTmas, take some time out, and remember, and DELIGHT that the very best thing about CHRISTmas is JESUS!

So toMORRO when you are opening presents or watching your parents enjoying some BUBBLY .  Remember that we are celebrating the birth of the Lord of our MARVELLOUS CREATION.

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